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bitcoin guide

What Is It

This is not necessary to know in order to use, but some people appreciate it. Bitcoins are a crypto-currency, basically it is a digital currency where instead of notes and coins you own digital bitcoins instead. Bitcoins have been around for a while now and its popularity continues to grow. The technical aspects will give you a head ache, but every bitcoin transaction is anonymously recorded and monitored by a collection of people to ensure the security of the currency. The main benefit of this is that funds can be transferred peer-to-peer so no bank or government institution is involved in the transaction, keeping your identity safe and the merchant protected.


How to use it:

  1. You will notice you get a wallet address  and a bitcoin amount  when you checkout. These are needed to make a payment. Also you will see that there is a time limit on payment  so you need to have bitcoins in your wallet before checking out in order to make payment. For this step though just use the bitcoin amount as a rough guide for later.



2) Set up a wallet

To make a payment you will need a wallet to send your bitcoins from to the merchant. I recommend coinjar.com.au ,spectrocoin.com or cointree.com.au because they are safe, and can pay with debit card. This step is fairly straight forward, simply sign up with your correct details and make an account.

3) purchase bitcoins

click buy bitcoins in the wallet you have chosen from the links above and then buy the amount of bitcoin your order is.

4) once you have bought the bitcoin the amount will show in your wallet and then click send or pay and enter the amount and also the bit coin wallet address you recieved at check out

5) send us a email letting us know you have paid and will verify it and send your order